Classes of Filler Injections.


It is most likely for us to go to hospital when our body is unhealthy. There are many types of diseases that can attack us.  We have bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases as classes of diseases that can infect us. There are many factors that can lead to diseases.  These factors include contamination, external elements, lifestyle, genetic elements to name a few.  Contaminated water and foods have been known to be the major cause of fungal and bacterial diseases. Contaminated foods and drinks allow the growth of bacteria that infect us to cause bacterial infections.

Viral diseases come from blood contamination.  Virus thrives in blood hence blood contact can lead to viral infections.  Expect external elements such as cold to cause diseases such as common cold. It is likely for skin diseases to be caused by scorching sun.  Sedentary lifestyles can lead to diseases such as obesity. Obesity is a condition of having an extra fat in the body. Obesity can be cured by doing exercises. It has been noted for genetic factors to causes diseases such as obesity. Hospitals use medicines when treating various kinds of diseases. Drugs are administered in the body in many forms.

Capsules, tablets, oils, suspensions, and injections are the different forms of drugs.  Capsules have been known to be forms of medicines coated with a digestible plastic material. Tablets are forms of curative drugs that are used when uncoated. Both capsules and tablets are digested in the body for them to be effective.  Oils are kinds of drugs that are applied on the skin to produce healthy effects to the body. For more facts about medical spa, visit this website at

Both suspensions and injections are liquid forms of medicines.  Both injections and suspensions are applied intravenously in the body to produce healthy effects.  Filler injections have been known to be forms of facial drugs.  It is obvious for one to age with time.  There are many features of aging. One characteristic of aging is having wrinkles on the face. Anti-aging drugs and diet maintenance have been known to reduce signs of aging. We have filler injections as kinds of anti-aging drugs. Filler injections rejuvenate and plump the face.  There are many types of filler injections.

An example of a category of laser treatment is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has been known to occur naturally in the skin. Hyaluronic acid level in the skin get reduced with age. Hyaluronidase enzyme injected in the skin activates hyaluronic acid. This makes the skin to bulge.

Collagen is a class of filler injection that boosts the structure of the skin. This makes the skin to look healthy and attractive. Poly-L-lactic acid is a kind of Filler injections that stimulates collagen production in the skin.  Hydroxylapatite occurs naturally in bones.  Radiesse enzyme is used to activate hydroxylapatite in the body that stimulates collagen production.